The Register

Compilation of this register began in January 2013 when the original record of build slots came to light. It is updated periodically as later information about individual boats reaches us. We are always willing to receive news about the current status of these boats. If you wish to get in touch please use the Contact Form here.

L.O.A. is the original length. Where it is known that a boat has been lengthened this is mentioned in the comments. Date refers to when the shell left the building premises, not always the same as completion, delivery or launch date. There are gaps in the available records, in particular the original names of numbers 20 and 23 are missing. However, build order and original lengths are correct.

No Boat Name L.O.A. Style Date Remarks
01 Maid of Kent 32' Cruiser Jan 1978 With Pete Smith.
02 Superskiff 60' Cruiser Apr 1978 With Pete Smith for Warwickshire Associationn of Youth Clubs.
03 Coromandel 40' Cruiser Feb 1979 Built as a hire boat shell for Brummagem Boats.
Originally named 'Belle', renamed in private ownership.
04 Sultan 52 ' BCN Tug Jul 1979 A collaboration with John Cowan who produced the shell design and assisted with the build. Fit out by David Viner
05 Bourne 42' Cruiser Dec 1979 Hire boat shell for Brummagem Boats.
06 Beau 50' Cruiser Mar 1980 Hire boat shell for Brummagem Boats.
07 Beau Brummel 50' Cruiser Aug 1980 Hire boat shell for Brummagem Boats.
08 Britannic 62' Cruiser Jan 1981 Hire boat shell for Brummagem Boats.
09 Terror 48' BCN Tug Aug 1981 Owner fitout. Now lengthened to 62'. Became 'Drijfnat', and renamed again in 2014 to 'Karibu'.
10 Brumtug No 3 30' Hire boat Jan 1982 Hire boat shell for Brummagem Boats.
11 Kyle 45' BCN Tug Aug 1982 David Viner fit-out. Russell Newberry DM2.   Lengthened to 57' (1994) by MP at Norton Canes and part refit by Graham Booth.
12 Harriet 60' Trad Mar 1983 Assisted by Colin Yeomans. Believed David Viner fit-out.
13 Zander 40' Tug style Mar 1983 Chris Lloyd partial fit-out. Now with a tug deck fitted in place of the original well deck, but where and when this was done is unknown.
14 Tantalus 50' BCN Tug Oct 1983 David Viner fit-out. Tug deck lowered to well deck level in late 1980s. Russell Newbery DM2 installed around same time.
15 Titan 56' BCN Tug Mar 1984 Chris Lloyd fit-out.
16 Bekdale H 40' Tug style Jul 1984 Original fit-out by Roger Hatchard. Russell Newberry DM3.
Now lengthened to 60' and fitted with cratch and cover.
17 Stentor 60' BCN Tug Nov 1984 Chris Lloyd fit-out
18 Hilary P 48' Tug style Nov 1989 Chris Lloyd fit-out. Now lengthened to 63 ft, yard and date unknown.
19 Tawny Pipit II 60' Traditional Mar 1990 Built at Sirius Yachts. Fit out - Delta Marine. Russell Newberry DM2.
Originally named "Emeritus".
20 - 60' Tug style May 1990 Built at Sirius Yachts. Panelled cabin. Owner fit-out.
21 Pierre Paul Riquet 71' Trad style Jul 1990 Built at Sirius Yachts. Panelled cabin. Chris Lloyd fit-out.
22 Westbury 59' Trad style Oct 1991 First of six shells built at Tower's Yard, Woodbridge, Dudley. Owner fit-out.
23 - 50' Tug style May 1992 Owner fit-out.
24 Mistley 60' Trad style Oct 1992 Fit out by Richard Wilmington, Hoo Mill. Possibly later renamed 'Snark'.
25 Cipres den Haag 70' Josher style Oct 1992 Panelled back cabin. Owner fit-out.
26 Lodden 60' Josher style Jun 1993 Fitted out by Phoenix at Coventry Basin. Originally named 'Two-Tone Tiki'.
27 Jubilee 50' Tug style Sep 1993 Owner fit-out.

Information on the missing names, or any later changes, and any other information regarding boats that have been lengthened or otherwise altered would be welcome.   In particular any information on what happened to the early hire boats would be gratefully
received.   Please use the Contact Form to get in touch.