About Malcolm Pearson's Boats

Welcome to this site which contains available information about the narrowboat shells built by Malcolm Pearson at several yards on or near the Birmingham Canal Navigations in the period 1978 to 1993.

Malcolm was not a prolific builder, but here you will find a register of all 27 of his new builds.   Several shells were built in some form of collaboration with other people, and where this happened an acknowledgement is made in the "Remarks" column of the Register.   Note that he took nearly 5 years out from building between 1984 and 1989.

Apart from "Maid of Kent", which was spec built, all shells were custom built to order, to the requirements of the buyer.   So although there are common design themes, each boat (apart from some of the hire boat shells) is unique.

There is also a small image gallery containing original photographs of most of these boats.   Photographs of some of the later boats are missing at present, and may have been lost.   We would be very grateful to receive additional photographs that we can consider for use on here.

Information on this site is verified where possible from such original documents as are still available.   However, as there are gaps in the documents there will inevitably be gaps in the record, but basic chronology is accurate.

Additional information is always welcome, in particular with regard to name changes, and any alterations (eg lengthening) that are not mentioned on this site.   If past and present owners are willing to provide the information it would be nice to extend the site with a brief history of the boats from when they were built up to the present time.   Please use the contact form to email us.

If any owners, past or present, would be willing for their ownership to be mentioned on here we would glad to add this, but nothing that identifies an individual will be put up without their consent.

This site is an ongoing project, and will be added to as time and source materials allow.


In Jim Shead's boat listing (now hosted at canalplan.org.uk) under "M.Pearson Btblders" there is a 47' narrowboat called Lief with the CRT Index number 70590. Malcolm never built a boat of this length. Photographs that we have seen also confirm that Lief is definitely NOT one of his boats.